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About Interacoustics
The Affinity 2.0 is the Interacoustics’ all-in-one Hearing Aid Analyzer platform which performs audiometry, Real-ear Measurements, and hearing aid testing . The unit is controlled from an external computer. See available software modules below
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A new, modern, and ultra portable PC-based audiometer containing a diagnostic audiometer which can be upgraded with a full featured Real-ear Measurement module. The Callisto is designed to accommodate the needs of the travelling clinician doing home visits or travelling between different sites. Due to the software compatibility with the Affinity2.0 / Equinox2.0 Suite, the Callisto is also perfectly suited as an “add-on” equipment for clinics who already have an Affinity2.0 / Equinox2.0
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Audiometry Software (AC440)
The audiometry software (AC440) offers advanced diagnostic testing in a simple and user friendly layout. Above and beyond the standard air, bone, and speech capabilities, there are a wide variety of test applications that make it ideal for any active clinical practice.
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The Real-ear Measurement module (REM440) is an essential fitting tool ensuring precise hearing aid fittings and an easy workflow side-by-side with the hearing aid manufacturer’s software.
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Visible Speech Mapping
Visible speech mapping (VSP440) is an optional software module for the for the REM440 software. The Visible Speech Mapping system seeks to incorporate client counseling into the real-ear measurement screen. This helps the clients understand hearing aid benefits and it makes real-ear measurement results more meaningful to them.
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The hearing instrument testing software offers a variety of tests such as distortion measures, telecoil testing, and directionality testing. All types of hearing aid can be tested easily and quickly
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Dedicated test chamber with exceptional performance and signal reproduction.
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VIOT - Video Otoscope
The VIOT video otoscope offers sharp and high resolution image capturing as well as clear and crisp video recording capabilities. The VIOT Suite offers facilities for patient counseling as well as combined reporting. Noah and OtoAccess™ compatible. Lightweight and portable.
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The Affinity2.0 Hearing Aid Analyzer is a modular system for hearing aid testing, audiometry and real ear measurement. TBS25 external test chamber is an option for the Affinity2.0 hearing aid analyzers as a substitute to their internal test chambers when used in unusually noisy environments.
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